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  Dear Readers,

All of my shorter Regencies are now available for purchase as e-books.



"A green, and flowery, and sunshiny world," wrote Mary Russell Mitford, remembering Regency England....  And I still love the English countryside where I grew up and hope to take you there in each of my novels.

Yet my Regencies, linked by a group of officers returning to England (or in one case, washed up on a beach in Scotland) from the Peninsular Campaign, are full of action and adventure, as well as humor and romance, so they were never quite "traditional."

Since they were first published by Zebra many years ago, I've improved them for these e-book editions. Many of my changes are tiny, but in other places I've rewritten entire scenes to be sure I'm always offering you the best book possible. I hope you'll agree they're now even better than ever!

                 Thank you, readers! 

Winner of the

Romance Writers of America RITA Award for Best Regency

Romantic Times Best Historical Romance of the Year

wo Colorado Book Awards

CRW Award of Excellence

Many Internet Reviewers' Awards


"Brilliant ... I am in awe!" - Mary Balogh

"Exciting, enthralling, wonderfully-written romance." - Jo Beverley

"One of the most powerful voices in historical romance." - Mary Jo Putney

"Another superstar to cherish!"

Meet Charles de Dagonet, the most disgraceful and the most dashing gentleman ever to be disinherited in Scandal's Reward, where it all began:

    And I trust Dagonet will be your favorite hero ever, until you meet Richard Acton and his family in Virtue's Reward, followed by four equally compelling heroes in the next four Rewards. I could never decide myself, since I fell in love with each one of them in turn!